Urban Plan


The Urban Plan is a ten-year plan for the facilitation and control of development within a city or municipality, including land use and zoning, building and infrastructure and recreational and general public facilities. Progress on key performance indicators are tracked regularly, and the plan is reviewed and updated every five years in order to inform the new CIDP.


Upstream: County Long-Term Strategic Plan, Spatial Plan, Sector Plan(s)

Downstream: CIDP, Departmental Strategic Plan(s)


Led by City/Municipal Board, and working with the County Executive, a three-phase process is undertaken through a Joint Technical Secretariat/Working Group, in consultation with the CBEF and with appropriate public participation and County Assembly inputs. The first phase examines the county’s spatial, physical planning and land use context and concludes with a situation analysis and baseline assessment. This is followed by a visioning phase around strategic proposals for development facilitation and control, land use and physical planning and zoning. The final phase sets out the implementation framework for capital investment and monitoring and evaluation targets. On completion and consolidation, the Urban Plan is submitted, through the County Executive, by the City/Municipal Board to the County Assembly for requisite approvals as required by law.

For a more detailed description of this process follow this link: Urban plan step-by-step 



The Urban Areas and Cities Act of 2011 conceives and describes this plan as an integrated development plan that guides the overall sustainable development of the urban area based on the service delivery responsibilities assigned to the Municipal Board by the County Government (devolved or delegated functions). The County Government Act of 2012 instead conceives it more as a traditional physical plan to regulate and control land use.

In practice, not every county has adopted Urban Areas Plans and those that did have taken different routes with resulting documents that range from a set of land use maps to a more narrative description of a set of sub-programmes to be nested under the corporate strategic plan of the county department in charge of administration



Laws and Regulations

County Government Act, 2012 – (Art. 111)

Urban Areas and Cities Act, No 13 of 2011 – (sections 36-38 and Third Schedule)

Physical Planning Act (2012)

Guidelines and Tools

Urban land use planning .Monitoring and oversight guidelines, National Lands Commission

County Spatial Planning Guidelines, Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning and Council of Governors, 2018

County public participation guidelines. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoDP), Council of Governors (CoG). 2016

County Performance Management Framework. Council of Governors, 2017

Strategic planning for county governments - Presentation and tools. July 2016

Other Resources

Example(s) of Urban Plan