Sector Plan


The Sector Plan sets out long-term priority goals for each sector and the programs to achieve them. Each program details key outcomes and ten-year targets, prioritizes and costs strategic interventions, and guides medium-term and annual planning, budgeting and ongoing development and service delivery. Sector plans are constantly tracked and reviewed and updated every five years in order to inform the new CIDP.


Upstream: National Vision 2030, Global and Regional Commitments (e.g. SDGs, AU Agenda 2063), National Policy, County Long-Term Strategic Plan, County Policy, County Spatial Plan (using a Spatial-Sector Approach)

Downstream: Urban Plan(s), CIDP, Departmental Strategic Plan(s)


Under the guidance and coordination of County Finance and Economic Planning, a three-phase process is undertaken through Sector Working Groups, in consultation with the CBEF and with appropriate public participation and County Assembly inputs. The first phase examines the sector background and offers a situation analysis and sector baseline. This is followed by a strategic phase that outlines sector aspirations (vision, mission and values) and priority goals and translates these into programs and projects. The final phase sets out implementation and resourcing requirements and performance targets for the plan. On completion and consolidation, the Sector Plan is submitted by the County Executive to the County Assembly for requisite approval as required by law.

For a more detailed description of this process follow this link: Sector Plan - Step by Step



What is a Sector? The County Government Act mandates that every county department adopts a sector plan. Should counties have one plan per department (10 sector plans) or should they use the MTEF sectors of the national government as a reference?

Are Sector Plans corporate in nature – exclusively describing the county government programmes in the sector – or should they also include the programmes of the other sector stakeholders active in the territory?

While these topics can and should be debated within the larger re-thinking of county development planning, what matters is that, in the implementation of their functions, county departments must be guided by a long-term strategy with well-defined programmes, outcomes and targets



Laws and Regulations

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Other Resources

Example of a County Spatial Plan - Makueni County