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Departmental Strategic Plan


The Departmental Strategic Plan translates the approved CIDP into five-year departmental plans in which each department breaks down the five-year CIDP targets into yearly performance metrics and realigns its internal processes and structures to better implement its respective programs. The departmental strategic plan is considered entirely corporate in nature, an internal medium-term plan that guides implementation and performance management within the county government department. It is not rooted in law but was introduced as a key step by the County Performance Management Framework adopted by the Council of Governors.


Upstream: Sector Plan, CIDP

Downstream: Annual Development Plan, Annual Work Plan, Performance Management (Performance Contracting)


Led jointly by the Governor’s Delivery Unit and Finance and Economic Planning, departments build on sector plans and the CIDP to revisit their strategic aspirations (vision and mission), identify strategic priorities, programs and projects, realign structures, processes and systems and develop a costed, resourced and indicator-led implementation framework for approval by the Office of the Governor - as a basis for internal departmental and individual performance contracting – and subsequent publication on the country web site for public accessibility.

For a more detailed description, follow this link: Departmental Strategic Plan – Step by Step



The 10-year Sector Plans are reviewed every five year during the preparation and approval of the CIDP – first to inform the formulation of the CIDP and then to reflect any adjustments imposed by the cross-sectoral integration and any increase/decrease in resource allocation dictated by the CIDP. There is an obvious overlap between this review process and the preparation of the Departmental Strategic Plan. Within a review of the overall county development planning framework, there is scope for simplification by trying to combine these two plans into one.



Laws and Regulations

Public Finance Management Act, No 18 of 2012

Guidelines and Tools

County Performance Management Framework. Council of Governors, 2017

Strategic planning for county governments - Presentation and tools. July 2016


Other Resources

Brief Review of the County Development Planning Framework, AHADI, 2018