Service Delivery Plan


The Service Delivery Plan is a work planning by-product that specifies service delivery activities and outputs, resources allocated and the units/persons responsible. As with the work plan, it is prepared and presented on a quarterly basis.


Upstream: Budget Estimates, Budget Appropriation, Budget Implementation Circular, Work Plan

Downstream: Performance Contracts, Budget Execution


With guidance from the Office of the Governor and County Finance and Economic Planning, Departments prepare work plan-aligned quarterly service delivery plans. These plans set out specific activities and outputs (public services delivered) based on projected and agreed service charter performance levels and standards against resource allocations and units/persons responsible for their implementation. They would normally be annexed to the main work plans that are consolidated and presented to the County Executive Committee for approval prior to sharing with other County Government entities and publication on the County web site.

For a more detailed description of the process, follow this lin: Service Delivery Plan - step by step 


Laws and Regulations

County Government Act, 2012