The Procurement Plan translates the work plan into a schedule of all works, good and services to be purchased or contracted, across the procurement cycle from orders to delivery to supplier payment. As with the work plan, it is prepared and presented on a quarterly basis.


Upstream: Budget Estimates, Budget Appropriation, Budget Implementation Circular, Work Plan (Service Delivery Plan, Project Implementation Plan)

Downstream: Budget Execution


With the guidance and coordination of County Finance and Economic Planning, Departments translate their work plans into schedules of all works, goods and services to be purchased or contracted. This is done by breaking down costed work plan activities – essentially from the non-personnel budget - into input, or resource, unit cost and volume requirements, consolidating common user items as appropriate, determining appropriate procurement methods and preparing time-bound procurement schedules by purchase item based on expected timelines between purchase requisition (to initiate procurement) and supplier payment (procurement close).

Best practice demands that procurement plans, once consolidated, should be approved by the County Executive Committee at the same time as work plans, and duly shared on the County web site in similar fashion. Procurement plans should be finalized and approved by 15th June, or two weeks before the forthcoming financial year.

For a more detailed description, follow this link: Procurement Plan - step by step


Laws and Regulations

Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Policy (Draft). National Treasury. 2019

Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015

Public Finance Management Act, 2012

Public Finance Management (County Government) Regulations 2015

Guidelines and Tools

County Budget Operational Manual. National Treasury, 2014

Circular on Reporting Requirements and Procurement Planning. Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA). 2009

County Public Participation Guidelines. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoDP), Council of Governors (CoG). 2016