Policy Evaluation


Policy Evaluation (or Policy learning) examines how public policy has been implemented. It enables policy makers to learn about what worked or did not work, and what contributed to policy success or failure. Policy review builds on these evaluation results in order to inform decisions on whether and how such policy needs to change.


Upstream: Constitution, National Vision 2030, Global and Regional Commitments, National Policy, County Long-Term Vision, (Current) Policy

Downstream: Lessons/Knowledge Base, Revised/New Policy, Revisions/Updates to Law, Regulations, Programming


Led by the Office of the Governor, and the Lead Sector, a broad two-phase process is applied, with CBEF, County Assembly and other stakeholder involvement and public participation. In the first phase, an assessment is made how well (or not) the policy has worked, and the factors contributing therein. This assessment will examine short and long-term policy impacts, intended and unintended outcomes, key lessons learned and any opportunities for improvement. A policy evaluation is the output of this first phase. The second phase – policy review - builds on the results of the policy evaluation to inform decisions on whether or not the policy needs to change and how the policy should be changed, which effectively leads back into the original policy making process. An important by-product of this second phase will be the identification of possible revisions to downstream laws, regulations and programmes.

For a more detailed description of the Policy Evaluation and Review process, follow this link: Policy Evaluation and Review Process Plan Step by Step Description


Laws and Regulations

County Government Act, 2012

Guidelines and Tools

County Performance Management Framework. Council of Governors, 2017

County Public Participation Guidelines. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoDP), Council of Governors (CoG). 2016

Policy Development Guide and Checklist

Stakeholder Analysis

Problem Analysis through Cause-Effect and Means-End Analysis (Problem-Tree/Objectives Tree)

Other Resources

Overview of the SDGs in Kenya — MoDP, June 2016

Kenya Vision 2030. Popular version. Government of Kenya (GOK). 2007

Vision 2030: Second medium term plan 2013 - 2017.  Transforming Kenya: Pathway to devolution, socio-economic development, equity and national unity. The Presidency, Ministry of Devolution and Planning. 2013

Vision 2030: Third medium term plan 2018 – 2022. Transforming Lives: Advancing socio-economic development through the “Big Four”. The National Treasury and Planning. 2018

National and County Planning Framework, MoDP 2017

Bomet County Public Policy Making Toolkit