Mid-Term Review


A Mid-Term Review (MTR) takes place at the implementation mid-point of a county medium or long-term plan. It usually focuses on the degree to which planned results are on target, and the areas that may require improvement. Beyond this progress check, the MTR assesses a medium or long-term plan against criteria such as relevance, design, efficiency, effectiveness and potential for sustainability. The MTR may be carried out internally or, as is best practice, by an independent external party.


Upstream: County Long-Term Vision, Spatial Plan, Sector Plan, CIDP, Annual Reports

Downstream: Lessons/Knowledge Base, Adjustments/Updates to Plans (County Long-Term Vision, Spatial Plan, Sector Plan, CIDP)


The County Finance and Economic Planning department guides and coordinate the process. The first step is the definition of the scope and terms of reference for the review – possibly based on recommendations from the CBEF – and its modality (e.g. internal vs. external/independent). The review process can be outlined as composed of two phases, both of which will see the participation of the Sector Working Groups, the public, and the County Assembly inputs. Using recognized evaluation criteria around relevance, design, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability potential, the first phase reviews progress against current plan and teases out observations and lessons to take forward. The second phase translates these observations and lessons – against the set criteria – into short to medium-term action adjustments or updates to the relevant plan (County Long-Term Strategic Plan, Spatial Plan, Sector Plan, CIDP) as well as a medium to longer term knowledge base for the future. On completion and consolidation, the MTR is shared with the County Assembly and other government institutions, as well as the general public through the County web site. Where plans are adjusted or updated, they must be approved by the County Assembly, shared with agencies and made publicly accessible.

For a more detailed description of the Mid-Term Review process, follow this link: Mid-term Review Step by Step Description



Mid-term reviews might not always be needed. For example, the CIDP’s implementation is reviewed every year in the preparation of the Annual Development Plan. A formal mid-term review might be warranted only if major issues arise (e.g. very low implementation rate, a new emergency, formal complaints and/or recommendations from the CBEF, etc.).



Guidelines and Tools

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County Performance Management Framework. Council of Governors, 2017

County Public Participation Guidelines. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MoDP), Council of Governors (CoG). 2016