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Annual Development Plan (ADP)


The Annual Development Plan (ADP) sets out the county’s annual development priorities for the forthcoming year.  It represents the annual implementation plan for what was approved in the CIDP and is based on implementation progress and experience captured in Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs) and the Annual Progress Report (APR).


Upstream:  CIDP, QPRs, APR

Downstream: Indicative Annual Development Budget; Detailed project costing and appraisal in preparation of Budget Estimates; Prioritization of investments and projects over the MTEF


Under the guidance and coordination of the County Finance and Economic Planning, the Departments and Sector Working Groups review what laid out in the CIDP for the upcoming year and the most recent progress reports to assess ongoing projects. Once consolidated and reviewed by the County Executive Committee, a draft is presented to CBEF and opened for public participation. It is then submitted to the County Assembly by September 1st for review and approval.

For a more detailed description of the ADP process, follow this link: ADP Step by Step Description


Laws and Regulations

Public Finance Management Act, 2012

Public Finance Management (County Government) Regulations 2015

Guidelines and Tools

County Public Participation Guidelines. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MODP) and Council of Governors, 2016. Section 2.2.2 gives specific guidance on how to involve the public in county planning and budgeting.

Draft guidelines for the preparation of County Annual Development Plans (CADPs). Ministry of Devolution and Planning (MODP). June 2017

Guidelines for the Development of County Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (CIMES). MED, COG. March 2016. See Annex A4 ‘Annual Development Plan Checklist’, which provides a useful checklist for cross-checking the quality of the main elements of the ADP.

Performance Management Framework for County Governments. CoG, 2017. See Section 2.6 on Annual Development Plan

Strategic planning for county governments. Powerpoint presentation. July 2016. Useful resource developed by the AHADI project on strategic and integrated planning for county governments. Includes detailed illustrations of strategic planning tools including SWOT analysis, means-end analysis, logical framework approach. 

Other Resources

National Treasury Circulars