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The Toolkit is designed to assist users in navigating the processes and steps county governments and citizens take to:

  • make decisions on the priority development needs and allocate public resources to address these needs transparently and equitably,
  • manage delivery of services and development projects,
  • account for resources used and report on progress made, and
  • evaluate and review results to adjust when needed.

These are the County Public Expenditure Management (PEM) processes.

The Toolkit provides users with an overview of each step, the roles and responsibilities of the different actors, and useful tools and resources. It draws upon and provides links to relevant national and county guidelines, laws and policies, and references materials and tools developed by AHADI, its partners and other institutions.

It is designed for citizens, civil society organisations, officials and elected leaders of county and national government entities, and practitioners with interest in and/or responsibility for county governance.

The County Governance Toolkit was initially designed as the AHADI Project “Mentor’s Toolkit” to provide a reference for the experts AHADI engaged as in-county mentors to ensure a unified approach to capacity development and cross-county learning. As the AHADI Project’s was coming to an end the Project expanded the toolkit and turned it into a user friendly, accessible web-based platform with the intention of leaving behind useful knowledge and tools.

As a contribution to the promotion of civic education, active citizenship and effective and responsive service delivery, we hope the Toolkit will be used and further developed for years to come.


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