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The Work Plan outlines and specifies, on a quarterly basis, the main activities, quarterly targets for the key performance indicators (KPIs) and budget resources needed for the implementation and the units/persons responsible.  Typically, a draft is prepared during budget preparation and then finalized after budget appropriation.  Based on the budget ceilings for the various sector programmes, Directors and Chief Officers compile their departmental work plan which is then aggregated at the county level by the Finance and Economic Planning department.  The quarterly milestones of the Work Plan – financial and KPIs targets – will be the reference points for the quarterly reporting and performance management.


Upstream:  Departmental Strategic Plan, ADP, Budget Estimates, Budget Appropriation, Budget Implementation Circular
Downstream: By Products (Service Delivery Plan, Project Implementation Plan), Procurement Plan, Cash Flow Forecast, Quarterly Reporting, Performance Management (Performance Contracts, etc.), 

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