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Public Participation

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What is Public Participation and what forms can it take?

  • Public Participation is about actions a person or group can take to involve themselves in issues of government or community that are of concern to them. 
  • Public participation ensures that citizens have a voice so they can be heard, actively participate in decision making and the delivery of public services that meet their needs. All citizens have this right and it is their civic obligation to engage in all county governance processes. 
  • Public Participation is one of the national principles and values of governance set out in the Constitution of Kenya (2010) and in other laws of Kenya. It is also one of the objectives of devolution.


Get involved in decision making, service delivery, and holding governments to account


County Functions/Services

What functions and services are county governments responsible for?

Participate in Planning and Budgeting processes

Participate in County Processes—Plan, Budget, Implement, Monitor, Review

Feedback Mechanisms

Feedback is a two-way process, with citizens giving input on county processes and service delivery


Project Committees

Project Implementation Committees

Service Delivery Partnerships

Service delivery is the core function and responsibility of County Governments and it is useful for counties

Social Accountability

Social accountability is citizen-led action to hold public officials and service providers



What is needed for effective public participation?


Civil Society Organisations

Learn about how CSOs can help in facilitating citizen engagement and in holding County governments to account.

Skills and Tools for Public Participation

Learn about skills needed for effective public participation and access useful tools.

Access to Information

Learn about how County governments are mandated to provide information to the public.


Civic Education

Learn about the structures, decisions, and responsibilities of governments in order to allocate resources and exercise authority.

Quality of Public Participation

Learn about how to ensure that all voices are heard in public participation processes.

Challenges of Public Participation

Learn about the challenges of public participation and how to avoid them.

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